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Tutorial: OnRamp Usage

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Lesson: Adding Related Links

You learned how to edit records in a previous lesson, Editing a Saved Record. If you need a refresher, jump back to that lesson, and then come back here.

Adding Links

To add a reference to an external site's URL that is related to the content of the record...

  1. Find the section labeled Add Links near the bottom of the new record.
  2. Type NCore Website in the field Description for Link 1

put image here

Notice that Description for Link 2 appears, but not URL 2.

  1. Type!OnRamp in the field URL 1

put image here

Notice that URL 2 appears. Also notice, that the descriptions are grouped together and the URLs are grouped together. You match up the description and URL based on the appended number.

  1. To add a second related link, type OnRamp Project Documentation in the field Description for Link 2

put image here

Notice that Description for Link 3 appears, but not URL 3.

  1. Type ../index.php/Community:OnRamp in the field URL 2

put image here

Save Your Work

Save the record.

  1. Click either of the Save buttons, which are located at the top and bottom of the entry form.

OnRamp will do some processing to save your record. You will see a message saying the record is saved. Then you will be automatically returned to My OnRamp.

Image:Note_32.gif Note: Notice that in My OnRamp, the status is listed as Saved.

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