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Tutorial: OnRamp Usage

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Lesson: Giving Feedback

Review Content and Metadata

In the last lesson, you added a comment asking the publisher which logo was preferred? Now you'll switch roles for the moment and play the part of the publisher.

  1. Locate the record in My OnRamp. (See Where's my new record? for help.)
  2. Notice that the status is Unpublished. This tells the publisher, that's you for this lesson, that this record is ready for review.
  3. Click the title to view the record.
  4. Review the content and metadata.
    1. In the Attached Files section toward the top of the record, you will see both logo files with a thumbnail of the images beside the filenames.
      1. Click each of the thumbnails and notice that the preview area at the top right of the record shows a larger version of each image. If the stored images were large, this would still be a less than full size representation of the image.
      2. Click the preview image and the full size image will be displayed in a new window. In this case, the image is the same size in the preview and full size representations because the stored image is not larger than the preview size.
      3. Close the window (or tab) displaying the full size image.
    2. Take a look at the other metadata to see if it is accurate. To do a full review, you would want to edit the record to be sure there aren't any metadata fields that are empty that shouldn't be. You'll do this in a moment.

Respond to the Contributor's Note

Notice the contributor's comment about the logo background color and respond.

  1. Decide which logo you prefer. (For the sake of the tutorial, let's assume that you prefer the black background.)
  2. Click Add a comment
  3. In the textbox that appears, type I prefer the black background logo.
  4. Click the Add Comment button

Complete the Review and Send Back

In order to send the record back to the contributor, you need to edit the record. While editing the record, you can take one more look at the metadata to be sure there aren't any unexpected empty fields.

  1. Click on the pencil icon Image:ONR edit icon.gif to edit the record. (The hover text says Update Selected Record - Generic.)
  2. Review other metadata. If needed, you can add another comment after completing the edit workflow.
  3. Click the Save button to reset the status to Saved which tells the contributor that the record is back in their court.

OnRamp will do some processing to save your record. You will see a message saying the record is saved. Then you will be automatically returned to viewing the record.

Adding More Feedback

  1. Click Add a comment
  2. In the textbox that appears, type more feedback...
1) Append to Abstract/Summary: including information about OnRamp
2) NCore related links: Add NCore's home URL
  1. Click the Add Comment button

Image:Note_32.gif Note: Notice, that the two lines run together in the actual comment that was added. So you'll want to take care in writing comments. The numbers 1) and 2) help to separate the two comments. Another alternative is to use multiple comments.

Image:Note_32.gif Note: You'll also want to notice that there isn't a way to delete comments.

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