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Tutorial: OnRamp Usage

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Lesson: Viewing and Editing a Saved Record

Finding the Record

The previous lesson left you in My OnRamp viewing the list of unpublished records that you created. If you are not still there and you need help finding your way back, you can follow the steps in Where's my new record? to locate the record. Then return here using the Table of Contents at the left.

View and Edit

In a previous lesson, you jumped straight to editing your saved record from the list of unpublished records in My OnRamp. This time, you'll take a look at the preview of the record before beginning the edit workflow. Let's view the saved record...

  1. Click the title of the record.

This shows the record with only the fields that have values.

Image:Note_32.gif Note: You can tell that this record isn't published by the warning note just above the title.

The list of workflows that you can run for this record are listed near the top as icons beside the Workflows: label. Again, if you hover over the icons, you will see text appear that describes the workflow.

  1. Click on the pencil icon Image:ONR edit icon.gif to edit the record. (The hover text says Update Selected Record - Generic.)

I know you like keeping your co-workers happy by not locking up records and preventing them from doing their work without giving you a friendly reminder call first, so here is one more reminder about abandoning workflows...

Image:Important_32.gif IMPORTANT: If at any point you decide to stop editing the record, DO NOT navigate away from the edit page using the Back button or one of the navigation links. Instead select the Abandon Workflow button. Otherwise, the record will be locked to you preventing others in your project from editing the record. See Releasing a Locked Record for more information on what to do if you forget to Abandon Workflow.

You'll complete this edit workflow in the next lesson.

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  Note: If you came to this page by clicking a link other than Previous or Next, then you are outside the normal flow of the tutorial and you should either...
  • use the Back button to return to the page you were viewing prior to this page
  • OR select a topic from the table of contents at the left.

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