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Tutorial: OnRamp Usage

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Lesson: How to release a record?

If you ever stopped editing a record by clicking the browser's back button, then you have a record locked to you. This prevents other users from editing that record. If you already know that you have a locked record, you can jump down to the section To unlock the record below.

Lock a record

  1. If not already logged in, you will need to Sign-in
  2. Click Browse Communities from the Banner Navigation Menu.
  3. In the list of Communities, click Tutorial Community.
  4. In the list of Collections, click Tutorial Collection.
  5. Find your record in the list and click the title to view the record.
  6. In the list of workflows near the top of the record, click on the pencil icon Image:ONR edit icon.gif to edit the record. (The hover text says Update Selected Record - Generic.)

You have begun the edit workflow. Now for a very, very bad step that you should not perform in real life.

  1. Click the Back button in the browser.

You are now viewing your record again. The record is locked to you and no one else can edit the record until you release the lock.

Image:Note_32.gif Note: If you made any changes to the record while you were editing, they are lost. The locked record does not save any partial edits. Edits are only saved when you complete the workflow with either Save, Submit for Approval, or Publish.

To unlock the record...

  1. If not already logged in, you will need to Sign-in
  2. Click My OnRamp from the Banner Navigation Menu.
  3. Click the tab Active Workflows to see the list of workflows that you have begun but not yet completed. The list should be empty unless you are actually performing any of those tasks.
  4. You have several choices at this point...
    • The most common case is that the listed workflows are not in use. If this is the case, click Abandon to the right of each workflow to abandon the workflow.
    • You can resume a workflow by clicking the name of the workflow. From the resumed workflow, you can select one of the normal end workflow buttons. For record editing, these are Publish, Submit for Approval, Save, or Abandon Workflow. NOTE: Any editing you may have done previously is not saved when a workflow is left hanging. Resuming a workflow does not re-establish edited values.
    • If you have a workflow running in a different window that you are not done with when you perform this check, it will also be in the list. But you will most likely want to return to that window to complete the workflow. This is uncommon since most users use only a single window with OnRamp.
  5. Repeat the previous step for each workflow in the list.

When you remember to exit workflows properly, this list will be empty. If your list is empty, then it's...

Celebration time! Image:ONR celebrateBalloons.jpg

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