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Tutorial: OnRamp Usage

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Lesson: Modifying Uploaded Files

In this lesson, you are going to fix the problem where the wrong uploaded file was purged.

Edit the Record

  1. Edit the record.

Yes those edit instructions are getting shorter and shorter now that you've done this a few times. See Viewing and Editing a Saved Record if you need help with this process.

Remove Unwanted File

You will purge the unwanted file before adding back the version of the logo that is desired. You do this first because as you saw in the lesson on Removing Uploaded Files, all other edits are lost when the purge is executed.

Image:Caution_32b.gif Caution: Purging a file does not save changes to metadata fields. Any changes made to the record between the start of the current edit workflow and the point at which the purge was made are lost. If you make changes to any area of the record, be sure to Save and begin a new edit workflow before purging a file. After the purge, you can edit the record as you normally would and exit using one of the buttons at the top and bottom of the edit form to save or abandon these changes. Remember if you Abandon Workflow, the purge won't be abandoned, but all other changes since the purge will be abandoned.
  1. Go to the end of the edit form and see that the uploaded files are listed here in the section titled Attached Files.
  2. Click [ purge ] beside the file with name OnRamp_logo_reverse.jpg.
  3. In response to the message This action will permanently delete the selected datastream, click the OK button.

Image:Warning_32.gif WARNING: The file is permanently deleted from this record. There is no way to recover the file from OnRamp. Abandoning the workflow through the Abandon Workflow button will not abandon the purge of the uploaded file. It is already permanently deleted.

Upload Accidentally Purged File

This section depends on the files you copied to your computer in the lesson on Uploading Files. If you don't still have those files or don't remember where you put them, go back to the Before You Begin section to get a copy of the OnRamp_logo_standard.jpg that you can upload into your record. Then return here using either the Back button or by clicking Modifying Uploaded Files in the tutorial navigation menu at the left.

  1. Find the section labeled Upload Files near the bottom of the record.
  2. Type OnRamp Logo in the field Description for File Upload 1
  3. Use the Browse... button after the textbox for File Upload 1 to navigate to the location where you saved the OnRamp_logo_standard.jpg file and select it.

This will fill in the text box with the path to the OnRamp_logo_standard.jpg file.

put image here

Submit for Approval

If you were creating a record without exact instructions, now would be the point to review the record to be sure it is like you want it to be. For this tutorial, the record is now complete. You have incorporated all the publisher's feedback comments and are ready to submit the record.

  1. To close this workflow, click Submit for Approval button.

The publisher will see that you once again believe that the record is complete and ready for review and hopefully publishing.

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