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Lesson: Locked Records

OnRamp uses locking of records to keep more than one user from editing a record at a time. This prevents one user overwriting another user's changes, which is a very very good thing. But sometimes these pesky little locks can get stuck and hang around even after the user has gone on to other work. "How does something like this happen?", you might ask. And I'm glad you did, because here comes another talk about abandoning workflows.

The lessons for creating and editing records have repeated warnings related to navigating away from the create/edit pages using browser navigation instead of the OnRamp buttons that save or cancel the edits. For those of you who have arrived at this lesson without yet seeing this important message, here it goes...

Image:Important_32.gif IMPORTANT: If at any point you decide to stop editing the record, DO NOT navigate away from the creation page using the browser's Back button or one of the navigation links in the navigation bar just under the banner. Instead select the Abandon Workflow button. Otherwise, the record will be locked to you preventing others in your project from editing the record. See Releasing a Locked Record for more information on what to do if you forget to Abandon Workflow.

The next two lessons discuss what to do if a record you want to edit is locked and how to release a lock you may have on a record.

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