Paradata Schema Proposal

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The NSDL at UCAR has developed a very simple paradata XML schema and
sample record. This is called comm_para and is version 0.1. It does
not include ideas that were discussed in the phone conference on
Thursday Jan 6, 2011. The ideas from that call will influence
version 1.00.

Paradata XSD:

Paradata XML:

The NSDL at UCAR has also developed an annotation XML schema to hold
the content of comments, ratings etc. No one has really started
using this yet so there is the potential for modification and
updates. This is called comm_anno and is version 1.00.

Annotation XSD:

Annotation XML: there are several examples; look at the all-fields
example or the rating and teaching tip one.

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New Updated Paradata Schema

There is a new updated paradata schema (version 1.00). The version 0.1 schema at should no longer be used. Please see VERSION 1.00 at: 

with a corresponding example XML record at:

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