NSDL Services


NSDL provides customized technical services, consultation, and partnership opportunities via provision of technical infrastructure, software tools, metadata sharing, and related services to help school districts, states, museums, educational non-profits and others to efficiently organize, manage, curate, and disseminate digital educational content.

  • Documentation and support for the creation, contribution and curation of metadata, paradata (use information), or annotation collections to NSDL for inclusion in the library, can be found at NSDL's Technical Documentation wiki. 


NSDL Technical Operations include: 

  • Managing ingest and maintenance of collections accessible at nsdl.org; monitoring quality and vitality of collections, and developing and operating tools for management of collections
  • Developing and operating web services for discovery and delivery of the library's collections through nsdl.org, and related portals or learning applications
  • Providing support, training, and consultation on developing and contributing collections, including metadata, vocabularies, paradata and annotation collections, and embedding NSDL's educational web services in other educational sites and services 
  • Send inquiries for more information via the NSDL Contact form, to receive consultation from NSDL staff


NSDL-all email list

The NSDL email list (nsdl-all) is a distribution mechanism for news dissemination. Subscribe to the nsdl-all@mailman.ucar.edu email list by completing the web form at Join Email List.