Evaluation and Impact

This developing site is a resource area for the NSDL network of projects and partners (both established and developing) concerned with developing effective evaluation practice and processes that enable, routinize, and advance reporting of data that contribute to the research and knowledge base revealing: 

  • impact on student learning
  • impact and capacity building for teacher/faculty professional development
  • paradata of digital resource use by practitioner communities



See the Metrics resource pages for metrics snapshots on NSDL sites, and related information.


NSDL Reports


Other NSDL Sites

  • NSDL Program Monitoring Support - prepared for the National Science Foundation in December 2009 as part of their program monitoring of the National Science Digital Library, primarily between 2002 and 2009. 
  • NSDL Reflections site  - outcome of DUE grant 0737821Where Have We Come From and Where Are We Going? Learning the Lessons and Disseminating Exemplary Practices From the Projects of the NSDL; PIs: Flora McMartin, Brandon Murumatsu.


Articles, Reports, Commentary, Blogs, Resources...

Feel free to add links to interesting Web content about evaluation, impact, and measuring learning (contact Eileen McIlvain if you would like assistance on posting):


These two reports are related - reporting on a two-year study to analyze and evaluate over 200 published articles and reports on STEM professional learning communities, from 1995 to present - valuable synthesis! 

Blogs and Blog Posts



  • www.perfettimedia.com - Consulting and training by Christine Perfetti: content design best practices, usability, and user experience. Free videos, as well as opportunities to attend free webinars on these topics. Good tips on maximizing user experience; do's/don'ts on web page design; do-able usability testing.




NSDL-related SPORE winners 2010-2011:

SPORE is Science magazine's Science Prize for Online Resources in Education, awarded monthlyhighlighting and featuring exemplary online educational materials for science and math education. 



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