NSDL Annual Meeting

NSDL: Celebrating a Digital Decade and Envisioning the Next

2010 AM Image


The 2010 NSDL Annual Meeting took place November 1-3, at the Omni Shoreham Hotel in Washington DC.


The NSDL program held its first formal funding cycle during fiscal year 2000 and as we look back from our perch in 2010, this meeting gave us the opportunity to celebrate our 10 years of accomplishments while sharing our unique perspectives that provide the foundation for the next decade of NSDL work. We explored issues and reported on activities that highlighted our current perspectives and lessons learned in building the library and its community of users, and probed those issues that still remain a challenge as we look forward to the next decade.

Thank you for attending and helping us celebrate 10 years of hard work, while building excitement for what the next 10 years might hold as we continue to grow the library and our vibrant and committed community. 

Things to take note of: