STEM Exchange


Reconceptualizing the Impact of Digital Learning Resources in a Networked World


The STEM Exchange is language referring to the implementation of an NSDL web service to capture and share social media-generated information and other networked associations about educational resources, in collaboration with a range of STEM education partners. 


Through open source applications, online communities of educational practitioners will be able to integrate customizable datastreams about resources from NSDL and other providers directly into their user platforms. The social media activities of practitioner communities will generate data about how resources are being used in different contexts that the STEM Exchange will assemble into resource profiles incorporating both hand-crafted and automatically captured information. The resulting data about resource use will be fed back into resource profiles to assist users in discovering and utilizing educational materials and to enhance resource providers’ understanding of how their materials are being disseminated, used, and contextualized by practitioners.


For more information on STEM Exchange activities send email to or use the NSDL Contact Us form.