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STEM Exchange Interest Group

How-To: Start Sending Us Paradata

To set up an OAI data provider for your paradata, the basic steps are:

1. Download the jOAI software
2. Install jOAI on a publicly accessible Tomcat server
3. Configure jOAI to look for your paradata records in a directory on
the file system
4. Write the paradata XML records to the directory, one record per

The details:

---- Installing jOAI: ----

jOAI is available for download from SourceForge:

Paradata Schema Proposal

The NSDL at UCAR has developed a very simple paradata XML schema and
sample record. This is called comm_para and is version 0.1. It does
not include ideas that were discussed in the phone conference on
Thursday Jan 6, 2011. The ideas from that call will influence
version 1.00.

Paradata XSD:

Paradata Framework Proposal

These are the elements, we are proposing to prioritize for the first round of the STEM Exchange paradta framework.  Our list will also be proposed to the Learning Registry project as an initial test set of paradata.  Comments, ideas, suggesions are welcomed...

Resource Profile Page demo

Search the Math Common Core to see paradat summaries (as they accumulated):

See live example resource summary page:


Screenshot of Resource Profile Page Demo

What paradata are you currently capturing??

Let us know...


Time to dig in to this question paradata taxonomy...


What kinds of paradata are you currenly capturing?



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