What We're Reading

Interesting article from November 15 Teaching column: Grades and Tests May Miss Measuring What Matters Most in Learning, by Dan Barrett, as described by data on "deep learning" opportunities by the National Survey of Student Engagement. 


Educational technology consultant Ed Catalano offers a useful summary of three important ed tech initiatives and their interplay: the Shared Learning Collaborative (SLC or SLI), the Learning Registry (LR), and the Learning Resource Metadata Initiative (LRMI). 

And, NSDL offers crosswalking services that can help mediate between LRMI, LR, and SLC. Contact us to learn more!

The Chronicle of Higher Education reports on a new service offered by Pearson that enables e-textbook creation by instructors using both open-access content and Pearson materials. Called Project Blue SKy (at least for now): Pearson Project Will Let Professors Mix Free and Paid Content in E-Textbooks

Interesting article in Education Week's Reimagining K12 blog: Gamification in the Scientific Process, by Tom Segal.  High points:

  • encourages adoption of education policy that leverages the American way of learning and stimulate STEM interest
  • gamification = "recognition that any system with rules can be considered a game and any game can be played"
  • use the fact that play is " how we gain an understanding of the working world" 
  • use the principles of LARP: live-action role playing, to shift attitudes toward science and math

Scientific American's Doing Good Science Column offers this nicely done response from Janet D. Stemwedel to a Washington Post “Answer Sheet” blog by David Bernstein entitled Why are you forcing my son to take chemistry?