Contributing content to NSDL Community site

At first glance, the form you are taken to to contribute to the Community News, or What We're Reading features might seem confusing. What does all this stuff mean? Don't panic!

1. In most cases, you need only complete the Title, then add your content to the text editor Description/Body field. You might want to use the File Attachments field to upload an image or logo, or, perhaps enable Comments to be posted in response to your information, but generallly speaking, you can leave all other categories on the form at their defaulted settings. In other words, of all the categories of fields available, you will be most concerned with Title and Description/Body, and generally speaking, you can ignore the others (Notifications / Vocabularies / Input Format / Book Outline / Menu Settings / Revision information / Authoring information).

2. Saving your submitted information: Once you have completed the Title, Body, and Authorship fields, scroll down to the bottom of the page - you will see two buttons, one reading Save and one Reading Preview. If you select Preview, you'll be able to see how your entry will look, and have the chance to make additional changes if you wish, or you can Save without previewing.

3. Contributions to Community News, What We're Reading, Calendar events, etc. are all moderated and must go through an approval process for publication. We'll monitor and publish items after approval is granted (typically, on the same day).