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NSDL Annual Meeting 2003

Sharing Your Stories: Sustaining Collaborations

Please use this site during and after the NSDL Annual Meeting to record thoughts and make notes. This site will serve as the official record of the meeting.

Any member of the Annual Meeting staff would be happy to answer any questions you may have about the site, so feel free to pull us aside, or send email to caseyj@ucar.edu.

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End of Meeting Online Survey
Thanks to the 70 people who responded to the survey. Responses will be used in the planning of the next NSDL Annual Meeting.

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Tuesday & Wednesday Sessions

General Sessions

Birds of a Feather

BoaF Overview

Building Collections

Building Collections Overview

Deployment & Continuity

Deployment and Continuity Overview

Service Development

Services Development Overview

User-Centered Design

UCD Overview


Committees Overview

Sunday & Monday Sessions

Sunday Sessions

Monday Sessions

Monday Overview

NSDL thanks DLESE for hosting the swikis for the NSDL Annual Meeting 2003.

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