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Moving Beyond Penguins to Drupal -- Status

 Overview   Taxonomies   Content Types & Fields   Linking Components   Views   Page Creation 



Status of Major Areas

See each major area for tasks and status details.

Image:Greenck.jpg Success: Tested Image:Blueck.jpg Success: Ready for Testing Image:Caution.jpg Partially Completed Image:Stop.jpg Not Started Image:Nosup.jpg Not Supported/Latered
% Complete Status Area Comments
90 % Image:Caution.jpg


90 % Image:Caution.jpg
Beyond Penguins Taxonomies
100 % Image:Caution.jpg
NSDL Taxonomies
60 % Image:Caution.jpg

Content Types & Fields

0 % Image:Stop.jpg

Linking Components

0 % Image:Stop.jpg


5 % Image:Caution.jpg

Page Creation

90 % Image:Caution.jpg
Page Creation - static pages
0 % Image:Stop.jpg
Page Creation - programatic conversion
Other Major Tasks
95 % Image:Caution.jpg

Move from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7

Upgrade Notes


Outstanding Issues

  • Keywords - Need to determine if/how to get Drupal to use the keywords field from a content page to put a <meta> keyword tag in the <head> tag
  • Conversion - Determine process for converting issues, departments, and articles programmatically.
  • Breadcrumbs - How to do breadcrumbs with static paths?
  • Pretty URLs - Want to use URLs exactly as they exist today in the beyond penguins site (ex., as opposed to, Drupal's polar/node/# form of URLs (ex.
  • Drupal 7 is not fully cooked. Many resources and tools available for Drupal 6 are not yet available for Drupal 7. I am evaluating whether to continue with the Drupal 6 install or the Drupal 7 install.

Resolved Issues

  • Copyright - include copyright on only certain pages using blocks.

Status Summary

The following gives a broad overview of completed and remaining work.

Broad outline of completed work:

  • A theme was created for Beyond Penguins from the Zen theme, which is a basic theme designed to be extended for customized interfaces.
  • Home page is successfully implemented using the new theme (except for use of Issues TOC View).
  • Anticipated content types have been defined and created in Drupal.
  • Flat files of Taxonomies were created for importing taxonomies into Drupal. The import of all taxonomies is complete. The only exception is the taxonomy used for meta keywords.
  • Create static pages by hand. (7 pages) -- Language Conversion still needs some work. It would make 8 static pages.
  • Conversion to Drupal 7 process completed with some minor issues remaining (albeit not necessarily trivial to fix).

Broad outline of remaining work:

  • Create a sample page of each remaining content type.
  • Create views that are used by various pages
  • Explore the possibility of export from fedora/fez and import into Drupal of repeating pages/content (primarily pages of each issue and images)

Expected Challenges

  • Documentation for complex themes is limited which makes implementation of complex themes challenging.
  • There are quite a few unknowns with regard to the import/export process and its feasibility as an approach.
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