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Summary - Conversion Analysis of Moving Beyond Penguins to Alternate System

Content Management


Current Implementation

  • CMS - OnRamp (Fez)
    • content that is displayed in the webapp is stored in OnRamp

Total Collection & Record Count (approx)

collections 221
records 1919



Current Implementation

  • RSS Generation - OnRamp (OnFire distribution system)
    • RSS feeds reference URLs for content in OnRamp

Total Feeds and URL references in Feeds (approx)

RSS Feeds 81
RSS Items 1824
Non-OnRamp URLs 1480 (Most reference the eZine URLs. Would we be able to keep these the same.)
OnRamp URLs 2747

Web Application


Current Implementation

  • Light weight webapp with the majority of content being drawn from OnRamp records based on configuration in RSS feeds.

Total Page and File Count (approx)

webpages 950 (most generated based on RSS)
php files 27
css files 3
images 39

Viable Options




  • easy to install (15 minutes) (Not sure this really includes everything. There was some allusion to other things that might need to be installed if you need more than basic Plone. But they aren't required to see the system up and running.)
  • support for themes
  • built in search


  • theme editing is not straight forward
  • UI has a learning curve for


(Theme and Content Types Design)


  • moderate install (3+ hours) (Perhaps the Systems Team could do this faster given their experience.)
  • extensive support for very complex themes which is well documented
  • provides means for extending through modules


  • larger more complex system
  • even more technical than Plone

Static Archived Webpage


  • minimal effort to create
  • consistant with other content that NSDL has archived (ex. White Board Report, Ask NSDL)
  • I believe that the URLs could stay the same as they currently are which is highly desirable


  • doesn't lend itself to modification of pages if that was needed, but doesn't prevent modification and re-archiving of the new static page

Theme Analysis (for new implementation)

Total Themes & Number of Pages that Use Each

Common Page Structure Theme every page 950
Divider Bar Sub-Theme most non-issue related pages 442
Department Nav Bar Sub-Theme every issue page 480
Issue Breadcrumbs Sub-Theme every department page and column page 460
Issue Main Page Theme one per issue 20
Issue Department Page Theme one per department per issue 100
Issue Article Page Theme one per article per department per issue 360
Stand-alone Page Theme one per stand alone page 38
Photogallery Photos Page Theme one per photogallery viewing page 432

Issues & Questions

  • Will Drupal and Plone allow the same URLs to be used for the various pages of the eZine? Does Kim care if they change?
  • Podcasts are played from iTunes. Is that content uploaded or does it point to OnRamp resources?
  • Can we replicate connections to Expert Voices?
  • Will Yahoo's Babel Fish work with Drupal and Plone?
  • Can a Drupal module be used for the photo gallery? Does it have a slide show? Would the visual change to the photo gallery matter? OR can the existing photo gallery code be used?
  • Is there a module for search in Drupal? I'm pretty sure there is. Plone definitely has built-in search of page content. It still might be nice to have the Google search that Kim built, since I think it includes outside resources as well.
  • Will organization of content be sufficiently clean to make content easily accessible? This may not be extremely important for this project since content is highly stable. But if this were the beginning of the project, it would matter a great deal due to the volume of content.

Assumed but not Confirmed

  • Both Drupal and Plone imply that they can be configured to any UI. I'm assuming this is the case.
  • There is a built-in facility for Drupal and Plone to generate Google Sitemaps
  • Login can be put on a special page so that visitors to the site don't see it
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