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NSDL: The NCore Platform

technology and standards for a dynamic information layer
on top of library resources

NSDL: NCore Platform

Tools-Overview: Hand-held digital device

Tools: Wiki

Utilizing Media Wiki, NSDL’s Wiki provides a collaborative online environment where users can organize, create, and annotate resources. Vetted articles and referenced resources can then be added to the library from the Wiki for search and discovery as part of the NSDL collection of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics resources. 

One example of use by the NSDL community is a new National Science Digital Library (NSDL) scholarly publication, Classic Articles in Context (CAC), that was launched in April 2008 with an atmospheric science theme: “Climate Change and Anthropogenic Greenhouse Warming: A Selection of Key Articles, 1824-1995, with Interpretive Essays.” Classic Articles in Context will present additional significant scientific questions of the Twentieth Century using landmark and important legacy papers in future issues. Users may chose to download the NCore Media Wiki plugin that integrates other wiki installations with the NCore data repository.