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NSDL: The NCore Platform

technology and standards for a dynamic information layer
on top of library resources

NSDL: NCore Platform

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Services: Overview

NCore Web 2.0 open source tools provide organizations with a soup-to-nuts suite of options for adding, reusing and disseminating content from blogs, wikis, text documents, web sites, publications and emerging interfaces (see Projects for current examples of NCore tools in use). Expert Voices, NSDL Wiki, On Ramp, Strand Maps, and the NCore Collection System (NCS), run on systems provided by NSDL Technical Network Services (TNS) and are available for use through NSDL.org and as stand-alone applications. Open source code for these tools, and EduPak, NSDL’s all-in-one education digital repository platform solution for building digital libraries, may be downloaded from project documentation pages available from this web site.