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NSDL: The NCore Platform

technology and standards for a dynamic information layer
on top of library resources

NSDL: NCore Platform


NSDL: NCore Platform

NCore technologies and standards provide the National Science Digital Library (NSDL) and other organizations with a framework for semantic digital library infrastructure. A common data model - a formal description of how data that may include digital text, images, data sets, lesson plans, video, and audio resources may be structured and accessed - is at the heart of NCore and forms the basis for a suite of system components that are described and documented in this web site.

The NCore next-generation, open source digital library framework based on Fedora Commons open source repository software provides users, developers, information managers and decision-makers with systems for description, organization, interrelation, and annotation of resources. Other tools and services support the creation, organization, and indexing of resource references and metadata in the library. Together NCore tools for discovery, creation, annotation and organization form a dynamic information layer on top of library resources and metadata.