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NSDL: The NCore Platform

technology and standards for a dynamic information layer
on top of library resources

NSDL: NCore Platform

Tools-Overview: Hand-held digital device

Tools: OnRamp

OnRamp is an extensible NSDL content and communications management system designed to bring editors, authors, reviewers, photographers and media specialists from scientific and educational communities together to create, manage and widely distribute science, technology, engineering and mathematics content. OnRamp handles multiple types of content collected together as a single entity; facilitates reusability and distribution of content to multiple locations, and; leverages existing and emerging technology to enable sharing of timely contextual information related to NSDL resources and activities among networks of collaborators. Users may also chose to download NCore OnRamp based on Fez, and the OnFire extension to Fez to install separately to integrate with the NCore repository in the future.