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This page is for internal NSDL developers who need to install or make changes to the NSDL MediaWiki code base, see Community:NSDLWiki/Development for general documentation on the development of the NSDL Wiki project. This page augments MediaWiki install and usage information and is specific to NSDL implementation -- See MediaWiki website



SVN Repository

The files to build NSDLWiki and the extensions are in a SVN repository.

Bug tracking

There is a project on JIRA for NSDL Wiki (ldap login).

Web server locations

There is a production and development build on, see the apache virtualhost config for these. Mediawiki is setup to use postgresql as the backend database on this server.

Build information

The sites are built using ant. The build.xml uses an environment variable called "MW_CONFIG". You can update the build directory from SVN and build either the development or production sites from there.

  • Build src = /usr/local/src/NSDLMediaWiki
  • Check what "MW_CONFIG" is set for and change as needed (default is "development")
  1.  % echo $MW_CONFIG (development or production)
  2.  % export MW_CONFIG=production
  3.  % ant rebuild_all
  • Ant targets
    • build_initial (first build)
    • rebuild_all (rebuilds mediawiki, third party, and nsdl files)
    • rebuild_nsdlmw (only does nsdl files)

New install

  • Check out the * NSDLMediaWiki project from SVN (see above)
  • Create or edit a * to match your environment (see NSDLMediaWiki/properties/*)
  •  % ant build_initial
  • In a browser, go to the new wiki web location and walk through MediaWiki install screens
  • Copy [web_dir]/Localsettings.php to [web_dir]/Localsettings.base
  •  % ant rebuild_all
  • Edit user groups in Special Pages - User Rights Management

Upgrading MediaWiki

  • Copy the tar of the new version into NSDLMediaWiki/mediawiki/mediawiki-1.*.tar (currently 1.12)
  • Edit NSDLMediaWiki/properties/ (or your own version of this)
    • mw_version should match the filename of the *.tar
  • See Aaron or Chris for the NSDLMediaWiki interface admin password.

Configuration changes

The build merges a file from the web directory called LocalSettings.base (created from the original mediawiki local install's LocalSettings.php) and a config file with specific nsdl settings. Which file it uses is determined by the * This is where you would add specific namespaces, change permissions, add extensions, etc.

  • NSDLMediaWiki/nsdl/config/_NSDLWikiSettings_DEV
  • NSDLMediaWiki/nsdl/config/_NSDLWikiSettings
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