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Design and Development Documentation

A subproject of the NSDL Core Integration projects:


Provide a collaborative online environment or capability where users can organize, create, and annotate NDR resources using wiki technology.


  • Initial users will be post high school in any of the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics domains.
  • Pathways running their own mediawiki.


  • Initial draft documentation and investigation by Dec 8th, 2006
  • Communicate with collaborators March-April 2007
  • Alpha delayed due to Fedora 2.2 upgrade process - June '07
  • User testing - ongoing
  • Internal beta testing (August '07 - January '08)
  • SourceForge release April '08


  • NDR API 1.1
  • NSDL Search 2.0 Rest service
  • Columbia community sign-in (not for release)

Systems requirements

  • LAMP with ssl and curl
  • Database in postgresql
  • Shibboleth integration
  • MediaWiki backend - minimal changes to code-base
  • Ant build in CVS includes NSDL work (extensions and skin)

Code Development

Functional Requirements

NDR related functionality

  1. Create wiki pages that can become NDR resources with associated MD (working)
  2. Contribute url as an NDR resource with associated MD, also becomes NDR wiki resource page (working)
  3. Pages to organize NDR resources. Initially just a wiki page, but eventually will be represented as an aggregation in the NDR (Pages as aggregations - in the works)
  4. Flexible metadata vocabulary (Compadre request).
  5. Reflects NDR or portions of NDR via search or aggregations as WikiWords for titles, includes read-only view of resource, associated metadata and annotations (Dean request - on hold).

Search related

  1. Search resources to insert into wiki articles. (working)


Interface Requirements

  1. Flexible content layout, may want ability to segment specific resource lists for organizing pages
  2. Look and feel similar branding to
  3. Access to functionality/extensions for authenticated users
  4. User forms for NDR interaction

Extension work

NDR Extension

  • Repository Manager (SpecialPage) (working)
    • Show Repository summary (working)
    • Define if not already configured (Create agg, mdp, not NSDL Collection relationships)
  • Resource Manager (NSDL tab)
    • Show if page is an NDR resource (working)
      • if not, give the ability to define metadata and add to NDR
      • dds dct:reference (annotation) to reference resource metadata.
      • if so, give a summary of metadata
    • NSDL Data Repository links in content (working)
    • Slugs = NSDL logo with link to Landing page or more info page
    • Summarize NSDL links on page and give opportunity to add as new resources
    • define repository "slugs" markup
    • Post-processing - adds NSDL slugs to existing NDR resources (working)
  • Unfinished NDR extension issues
    • Difference between citing/incorporating/annotating.
    • Metadata definitions and controlled vocab.
    • Autofilling keyword metadata from page categories.
    • Interaction with citation manager (Connotea?)
    • What goes in context area. Possibly aggregation info.

Search Extension

  • Popup for searching and adding NSDL resources/slugs to wiki content. (working)
  • Edit tab - Button - Search popup - Search - Choose resource - Insert into article. (working)
  • NSDL slug added via parser shim. (working)

Extending the Shibboleth authentication Extension

The CSO extension is missing two elements of needed functionality so I created a Community:OurNSDL/NSDLAuthenticationExtension.

New or Enhanced Features

  • Wiki page/article as aggregation (of selected resources for select pages - button on NSDL tab?).
  • Marking article as being added (like Wikipedia feature page).
  • Adding resources even if page not added.
  • Slug finder caching.
  • Ratings system - falls under the future "rate NSDL resources" category.
  • Folksonomic tagging.
  • NDR View - Create a visual representation of an NDR object (dynamically generated from NDR), that can be included and displayed on a wiki page. Includes searching capabilities.

See Related Documentation

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