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Under Construction
Proposed method for inclusion in NDR/API 2.x.

Please provide feedback and comments in the NSDL Data Repository (NDR) API 2.0 Forum of the NSDL Community Forums.

NDR API Documentation - addMetadataRecord

Create a metadata record about a resource. If the resource is not already registered in the NDR, it will be registered as part of the add metadata record process.

Request URL

Must be an HTTP POST request.


Structure of input:

  • inputXML (required)
    • collection (required) - the externally resolvable identifier (handle) of the collection (returned by addCollection).
    • metadataXML (required) - metadata in the format specified by the XMLFormat parameter
    • XMLFormat (required) - id of the format of metadataXML NOTE: requires registration in advance
    • resourceURL (required) - URL to a web resource
    • externalIdentifier (optional) - application specific identifier that can be stored to facilitate retrieval by applications

InputXML Example

Below is example inputXML for adding a metadata record about a resource to the NDR.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
        schemaVersion="1.02.000" xmlns:dc="" 
      <dc:title>My life: a Monster's Story.</dc:title> 
      <dc:description>The story of Frankenstein.</dc:description> 
      <dc:creator>Baron Von Frankenstein</dc:creator> 
      <dc:author>Mary Shelly</dc:author> 


Structure of response:

  • handle - the externally resolvable identifier for the Metadata. NOTE: All Metadata related API calls that manipulate a specific metadata record expect this handle as a parameter.
  • handleURL - the permanent URL to an XML representation of the metadata record in the NDR.

Response Example

Below is an example response for this request.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<NSDLDataRepository schemaVersion="1.00.000" 

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