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Under Construction
Proposed method for inclusion in NDR/API 2.0.

NDR API Implementation Details - addMetadataRecord

Create a metadata record about a resource.


Input Discussions

  • handle (Collection Aggregator)
  • metadataXML (any format)
  • XMLFormat (id of format of XML - requires registration in advance)
  • resourceURL
  • <optional> identifier - assigned generated handle if missing

Output Discussions

  • returns identifier if successful
  • returns error if identifier is not unique
  • may return general error if add fails

Processing Discussions

General Discussions


  • current agent of the call is assumed to be the application agent
  • MDP handle is based on application's Agent handle

Creates NDR objects...

  • Resource (if doesn't already exist) with relationship to Collection Aggregator
  • Metadata (stores metadataXML in native format as passed in) with relationship to MetadataProvider (based on app's Agent handle)


Developer: TBA

Basic description of the process...

  • TBA


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