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Please note: The NSDL Search Service described here is at the end-of-life phase and is being replaced by the Search Service API, implemented with the Digital Discovery System (DDS). Please use the new API to implement search applications and access NSDL resources programatically.

The NSDL Search Service provides the ability to search for and find resources in the NSDL digital library. Search queries access metadata stored in the NSDL's Data Repository (NDR), as well as the text content of the resource web pages. The Search Service is based on an index of terms, compiled and accessed using the Lucene search engine and Nutch web search software.

The NSDL Search Service is available through a Search API, which uses a REST-like approach to accept Lucene-style queries, and responds with structured results in an XML format, allowing developers the ability to embed and reuse NSDL resources in portals and applications.

The NSDL Search Service supports scalable searching over millions of records. For the current state of the library, please go to NSDL's FAQ.



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