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This describes in detail the design and implementation details of the 'Export to NSDL' feature. There are two types of items that OnRamp maintains that have potential to be included in the NDR.

  • records
  • results of destinations

Record component parts:

  • MODS metadata
  • document type specific metadata
  • uploaded content
  • links to content

The pieces of a record are assumed to have context within the record as a whole; consequently, a record is submitted as a resource. It is hoped that an implementation similar to that proposed by ORE will be implemented to allow the various pieces of the record to have contextual resources added. These contextual resources can be discovered through search, but will always have additional information that places them within the context of the primary record resource.

The following are examples of the resource URL for a record and a resource URL for content.


It is expected that the MODS metadata in a record will be cross-walked to NSDL metadata. It is not yet clear how document type specific metadata will be handled.


Destination results are either generated dynamically each time they are fetched, or the results are generated only when a change would occur in the results, otherwise, the results are drawn from a cache. Either way, the results are not guaranteed to be the same using the same url.

The mimetype of destination results can vary. Currently, two destinations are under development. Both of these generate RSS feeds. RSS feeds have a channel with one or more items. Items could be submitted as contextual resources. Although, at this time, destinations are not setup to serve individual items through a url.

The following are examples of the resource URL for generated destination results and cached detination results:


Publishing records and destination results to the NSDL library area is scheduled for release with OnRamp 1.3. The date of this release is not yet scheduled. Since the process will be the same for exporting to the NSDL community area, it will require only minor adjustments to the library area process to complete this task.

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