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Community:OnFire | Design 1.2 | Status 1.2


Image:Greenck.jpg Complete Image:Blueck.jpg Complete: Not Fully Tested Image:Caution.jpg In Process Image:Stop.jpg Not Begun Image:Nosup.jpg Not Supported / Latered
Status Feature Comments
1.2::1 Destination Templates
1.2::1.11 Generate Test Results
Image:Stop.jpg 1.2::1.11.1 Behavior Script Utility: Write code that calls appropriate RI search utility for test generate
Image:Stop.jpg 1.2::1.11.2 Behavior Script Utility: Write generic test_generate.php script that calls destination specific test_generate script
Image:Stop.jpg 1.2::1.11.3 Destination Template Script: Write test_generate script for each template
1.2::1.12 Cache Results
Image:Caution.jpg 1.2::1.12.1 Behavior Script Utility: Write code to cache generated results
Image:Caution.jpg 1.2::1.12.2 Behavior Script Utility: Write code to fetch cached results
1.2::2 Destinations
1.2::2.5 Support for Browse Destinations
Image:Caution.jpg 1.2::2.5.5 Write code to get a list all cached results for a destination
1.2::3 Distributions
1.2::4 My OnRamp
1.2::6 Browse Destinations
1.2::6.2 UI: Choice of View Distributions and View Results
Image:Stop.jpg 1.2::6.2.9 Count number of results
1.2::6.5 UI: Display list of cached results for a destination
Image:Stop.jpg 1.2::6.5.1 Call code to get list of all cached results for a destination and pass to UI
Image:Stop.jpg 1.2::6.5.2 UI to display a list of results
Image:Stop.jpg 1.2::6.5.3 Create icon representing Results
Image:Stop.jpg 1.2::6.5.4 Create icon representing a result
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