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OnFire is an extension to Fez. OnFire is being developed in support of the OnRamp project for NSDL. Fez is a project under continuing development at University of Queensland Library.

OnFire facilitates the distribution of record content to destinations. Destinations are generated results based on distributed content from one or more records combined into a result that can be in various formats including, but not limited to, text, html, and rss feeds. Destination results are accessed through a URL.

What's Happening

Latest Release

OnFire 1.3 is up and running. The latest OnFire functionality includes:

  • allows a single script to generate multiple results
  • support for LDAP login

Currently available destination templates include:

  • Issue Publication RSS - used by White Board Report
  • eZine - used by Beyond Penguins and Polar Bears eZine
  • eZine podcasts - used by Beyond Penguins and Polar Bears eZine
  • eZine photogallery - used by Beyond Penguins and Polar Bears Photo Gallery
  • website2m - two menu level website used by NCore's main website
  • web seminar - used by to list web seminars

Development Team

Lynette Rayle, Software Developer
NSDL Core Integration, Cornell University
John Weatherly, Technical Lead
NSDL Core Integration, UCAR

Current Work in Progress

  • Tutorials
  • Improving management of test results

Get Involved

This project is currently in beta for its first release of the OnFire extension. We'd love to hear about your ideas for new destination templates, new features, and any other suggestions. Our current list of planned features is fairly long, but we'll add your ideas to the list too.

For suggestions, questions, and more information, go to Email feedback form and request to join the onramp-suggestions mail list.

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Download Links

  • No downloads at this time.


  • Fez (version: trunk 1333)
    Note: See the Fez site for information on Fez prerequisites.
  • Fedora Commons (version: 2.2)


Examples and Demos in Use

  • Beyond Penguins and Polar Bears Beyond Penguins and Polar Bears eZine - Twenty thematic issues of an online magazine which include standards-based science and content-rich literacy learning on the polar regions. OnRamp is used to store the text and images seen on the website. Content is distributed to an agnostic webapp through the OnFire extension.
  • White Board Report White Board Report - Monthly issues delivering research news and notes from the National Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Education Digital Library (NSDL) Program. The content of each item in the report is stored in records in OnRamp. An RSS feed summarizing each item in an issue is generated by the OnFire extension and used by to display the report.
  • NCore website NCore website - The main website for NCore is generated based on information and images stored in OnRamp. An RSS feed generated by the OnFire extension drives the webapp's structure and content.

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