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Destination Templates


Allows for the creation of a template to produce a specific kind of result given specific content requirements and configurations. For example, one template is created to produce an RSS feed for a periodic publication (ex. White Board Report). Another template is created to produce an RSS feed for revolving content (ex. headlines has a different set of headlines every few days). Once a template is created, any number of destinations of that template type can be created with minimal configuration.

Destination Templates define the following...

  • Code for generating results
  • Configuration requirements to be set in each destination implementing the template
  • Content requirements for each distribution that will be sent to a destination implementing the template
  • Post processing of distributions that are done by the destination admin
  • Scheduling requirements including...
    • whether distributions should include a release date
    • whether distributions should include an end date
    • whether destinations define ranges of dates (used for periodic issues)

Certain functionality will not be part of version 1.0 due to time constraints. See the Feature Lists for expected later versions from the Community:OnFire Home page for more details on this functionality.

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Destinations represent a single entity where content may be distributed. Each destination has a specific purpose. Examples include the White Board Report, Headlines, the Annual Report, etc. The format of results from the destination is determined by the destination template from which the destination inherits. Destination templates define properties that allow each destination instance to be customized (ex. editor, webmaster, name, logo, etc). The configuration of destinations occurs prior to initial use of the destination.

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Distributions make the connection between the content stored in Fez records and a destination. The associations are stored in a Fedora object representing the distribution. When a destination receives a request for a result based on a date, an RI search is used to locate matching distributions to include in the results.

Related Implementation Items

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    • 1.0::3.7 Save Distribution

My OnRamp


My OnRamp is the custimization of the My Fez interface to include OnFire specific information. It includes an area to list all unpublished distributions and a second area to list destinations. For this release, only basic functionality will be included.

  • list unpublished distributions
  • allow delete of distributions
  • allow publish of distributions
  • allow update of distributions for post processing

Related Implementation Items

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