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Create a Resource object (see ObjectTypes) in the NDR.

Request URL
Must be an HTTP POST request.


  • inputXML (required) - contains information to a represent the resource in the NDR.

    • Properties
      • identifier (required) - a unique identifier for the resource. The type attribute currently must be "URL", "HOST", or "OTHER" (upper case required); URL identifiers should be used whenever possible.

    • Relationships
      • memberOf (optional) - the handle of any Aggregator objects of which this Resource is a member.

Below is example inputXML for a Resource object to be added to the NDR with a URL identifier and a single memberOf relationship. Note that the command is understood to be "add" (rather than "replace" or "delete") so the inputXML does not require a command as the first child of the <properties>, <relationships> or <data> elements.
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<inputXML xmlns="" xmlns:xsi="" xsi:schemaLocation="" schemaVersion="1.00.000">
      <identifier type="URL"></identifier>

Response Fields

  • handle - an externally resolvable identifier for the new Resource object. All Resource objects receive a handle reference when created in the NDR.
  • handleURL - a permanent URL to an XML representation of the Resource object in the NDR.

Response Example

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<NSDLDataRepository schemaVersion="1.00.000" xmlns="" xmlns:xsi="" xsi:schemaLocation="">

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