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NCore Repository v1.3

NCore repository release 1.3 will be the last major release to support Fedora 2.2.x. All future versions will be compatible with at Fedora 3.0 or greater at the expense of 2.2.4 support. This release adds a binary content upload feature, and has numerous improvements geared toward ease of installation and development of the NDR developers toolkit.



  • Java >= 1.5
  • Fedora 2.2.4
  • MPTStore triple store


1.3.0 (initial 1.3 release) 
  • Added support for uploading and modifying binary content for resources
    • Added support for multipart encoded requests with datastream contents as separate attachments
  • Remove requirement for CNRI handle server. Default configuration is to now use Fedora pids
  • Enhancements to api get response
    • Added MIME type, label attributes to datastreams
  • Added new listRelationships method for displaying object relationships in addition to all relationships from other objects that point inward
  • Add bootstrap process what will ingest core objects into an empty repository as part of servlet initialization
  • Simplify some of the core Java APIs
  • Numerous bug fixes
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