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Aggregators represent a grouping of objects in the repository as selected by a single Agent. Although based on a relatively simple concept, Aggregators form the building blocks of more complex structural or semantic constructs.

Examples of some using Aggregators to form useful constructs include:

  • Selecting the resources that comprise a collection
  • Selecting the collections that comprise a library
  • Selecting resources in a library that are part of a showcase exhibit
  • Defining a journal issue as a set of article resources
  • Maintaining a list of useful resources to share within an application

Core Components

All components are optional unless indicated otherwise. Components from other namespaces or models are not represented here.


  • aggregatorFor required - Indicates the one Agent that has selected the contents of this Aggregator.
  • associatedWith - indicates that it is associated with a resource that represents the aggregation.
  • authorizedToChange required (from Authorization model) - indicates the Agent(s) that can modify its components or membership.
  • memberOf - indicates that this aggregator is a member of another



Other Components

  • setSpec (from OAI model) - (Deprecated in Aggregators) indicates that this Aggregator represents an OAI set.
  • setName (from OAI model) - (Deprecated in Aggregators) indicates the human-readable name of the OAI set this Aggregator
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