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Harvest Manager v1.0

Release Date

June 12, 2008


  • Manage harvests
    • Use the DDSWS search web service to access the harvest collection records managed in the NCore Collection System (ncs_collect format)
    • Trigger the ingest process to perform harvests at regular intervals (once every xx months), or manually by NSDL collections administrators via the Web-based UI
    • Receive and log harvest status notifications from the harvest ingest processes
    • E-mail collections staff to report the final status of each harvest
    • Restrict all administrative functions, such as performing manual harvests, using http basic authorization
  • Display harvest information and reports in the Web-based UI
    • List all harvest collections and info about their status
    • Provide simple search for collections
    • Show the harvest schedule and history of harvests for each collection
    • Show detailed information about each harvest including ingest logs, access to the harvested files, final status of harvest
    • Provide tools to issue OAI requests and explore the data providers for each collection
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