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The NSDL Collection System (NCS) open source tool supports metadata management and cataloging for digital libraries. The NCS creates and manages collections of XML metadata or XML content within a data repository such as the NSDL Data Repository (NDR) and is a flexible, XML-driven tool that provides a full-featured metadata editor, collection workflow processes, and a role-based permission system in support of distributed and collaborative collections management. The NCS can support any metadata framework defined by an XML schema and transparently writes metadata and collection-level information to a NDR. Hosted use at, or download for local use.

What's Happening

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Latest Releases

  • v2.9.0 - The current release, is available in sourceforge here.

Development Team

Jonathan Ostwald, Developer
NSDL Technical Network Services (TNS) at UCAR
Katy Ginger, Metadata Architect
NSDL Technical Network Services (TNS) at UCAR

Current Work in Progress

  • inputHelpers - a generic mechanism for third-party plugins that help calculate a value for a metadata field. The SMILE project used this mechanism to integrate their "geo-footprint" tool, which helps users to create bounding box using google maps, and then inserts the bounding box values into the appropriate metadata fields.

Who is Using the NCS

Get Involved

  • For suggestions, questions, and more information, please send your inquiry to NSDL via the contact form

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