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The Annotation and Review Services Workspace provides a common place for the discussion of annotation services within the NSDL. This includes both annotations provided as a central NSDL service and other services, both within and outside the NSDL whose work may be relevant to the support of annotation and review services within NSDL. As annotation and review services are built for NSDL, this group will share information to ensure that these services can interoperate, that services built on the central infrastructure work well with services supplied from others, and that as the NSDL grows, these services grow as well.

Please see the following relevant documents:

  • A new document, "A Model for Simple Metadata-Based Services" explains how the NSDL plans to implement annotation and review services. Comments are welcome and should be sent to the list for this workspace.
  • Proposed Annotation Format (draft) which gives some details on how an annotation record might be set up. Discussion or questions concerning this document should be sent to the List. Newly revised, based on recent conference calls and discussions.
  • The next release of DLESE in August will feature annotations associated with resources. DLESE has taken the proposed NSDL annotation framework and made it into a simple schema so that their collection builders could provide annotation instance documents. See the DLESE annotation type definitions and schema files.

The links below are reserved for documentation that might have general relevance to the subject of annotations.

Updated 4/22/03, dih

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