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There are some wonderful blogs that are being written to support education, teaching, learning, mathematics, and science. Please add the link and the reason you would recommend others to follow that blog.




Wired Science - This blog follows in the footsteps of the parent magazine - an eclectic mix of really interesting stories that cover all science disciplines. Lots of cool images and embedded videos. Not a lot of opinion - mostly summaries of the science that is happening now. Usually one post a day - sometimes two.

DotEarth - In this New York Times blog, Andy Revkin explores the climate, sustainability, and other environmental issues facing us as the global population continues to grow. Frequent thoughtful, well-researched posts, interviews, and interactives will keep you up-to-date with the issues facing our planet.

Bad Astronomy - The guy that writes this blog, Phil Plait, the webmaster of Bad Astronomy, worked on Hubble Space Telescope. He is famous for debunking quite a few science myths (he doesn't believe in alien encounters). This is a personal blog - he fights the misuses of science and praises the wonder of real science.

Radio Lab- A podcast from WNYC Radio hosted by Jad Abumrad and Robert Krulwich. Each episode looks at a science topic from different, engaging, and fascinating perspectives.

Teaching Science

ScienceGeekGirl - Stephanie Chasteen, a physicist, writer, podcaster, and educator discusses science, K-16 science education, hands-on science activities, teaching pedagogy, and how to communicate science. Regular posts - typically at least once a week.

Teaching Math

Integrating Technology

Free Technology for Teachers - written by Richard Byrne, teacher, reviews services and ideas for using free web-based resources in education.

Ozge Karaoglu's Blog About teaching, learning, reflecting and being a 21st century learner & teacher.


Unwrapping the Gifted - Tamara Fisher, a K-12 gifted education specialist, discusses news and developments in the gifted education community and offers advice for teachers on working with gifted students. Thoughtful weekly posts demonstrate the importance of attending to the needs of ALL the students in your class - even the ones who seem to be light-years ahead.

The Neverending Search- Joyce Valenza, school librarian and teacher writes this blog for the School Library Journal. It includes tips and ideas on 2.0 tools and ways to incorporate literacy in teaching and is an excellent blog from a school librarian perspective.

21 Century Ed Tech- Welcome To The Future Of Education! Michael Gorman, a technology integration specialist publishes this blog/wiki to support teachers with free and inexpensive resources. The website contains ideas that revolve around project/problem based learning, 21st century skills, STEM initiatives, NETS standards, and ideas on the forefront of education reform.

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