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NDR Access and Filtering

Default class implementing NDRAccess: BasicFedoraNDRAccess OR is it FilteredNDRAccess

Commonly used methods:

  • getObject(NDRObjectInfo)
  • getObject(NDRObjectInfo,Type)
  • getObject(String,Type)
  • getObject(PID)
  • getObject(String)
  • newObject(Type)
  • openObject(NDRObjectInfo)

All return either...

  • repository.model.types.TypeFactory factory.instantiate(getObject(NDRObjectInfo),Type<T>) which returns an object that extends repository.model.NDRObject interface
    • repository.impl.
  • OR repository.impl.fedora.MutableAPIFedoraObject

  • deleteObject(NDRObjectInfo)
  • purgeObject(NDRObjectInfo)

when you use NDRAccess object, the filters get called when you do certain things

    • calls NDR access filters that check content model, assign handles, data processing and cleaning, etc. (in org.nsdl.repository.api.request.filters)


  • interface
  • requires methods for...
    • getObject
    • newObject
    • deleteObject
    • purgeObject
    • getObjectFinder
    • isReadOnly


  • use of this class is configured
  • implements NDRAccess
  • runFilters(FilterState state)
    • which calls FilteredNDRAccess.FilterManager.invoke(NDRObject,FilterContext)
    • which calls <NDRAccessFilter>filter.doFilter(NDRObject,FilterContext)
  • initializeFilters(Configuration)
    • Configuration file lists the filters to be added
    • calls FilteredNDRAccess.FilterManager.addFilter(NDRAccessFilter) for each filter listed in the config file
  • updateConfig(Configuration)
    • calls initializeFilters(Configuration)

NOTE: Java Toolkit is configured to use InterpretedNDRAccess instead of FedoraNDRAccess.


  • interface
  • extends nothing and implements nothing
  • used by FilteredNDRAccess for adding and running filters

getObject() StaticObjectInfo(handle) NDRObjectTemplate(Type) , where Type = Agent | Aggregator | Metadata, etc.

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