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Browsing NSDL Applications

Display Info Hidden Info Where is comes from...
Top Level - Lists all NSDL applications
NDRCollection.Title NDRCollection.handle memberOf NDRCollection.handle==NSDL_APPLICATIONS_HANDLE
Application Level - Lists all NSDL collections managed by the selected application
NDRCollection.Title NDRCollection.handle memberOf NDRCollection.handle==app.handle<i>
Collection Level - Lists all metadata managed by the specified application in the selected NSDL Collection
Resource.URL Metadata.handle Questions:
  • get all metadata for the apps metadata source then find associated resourceURL using metadataFor && objectType==Resource ??? or some other means???
  • display resource URL ??? or look for nsdl_dc datastream and use DC:title if it exists; otherwise, use resourceURL
  • would we want to support other known metadata formats? would require a means for specifying the title xpath
Metadata Level - View metadata for a resource
metadata XML Only metadata provided by the selected application will be displayed. NOTE: This is readonly.


  NSDL Applications:
    Harvest Ingest
    Expert Voices
    Web Feed Ingest
  Web Feed Ingest
    Beyond Penguins and Polar Bears
  Beyond Penguins and Polar Bears!science
    Title                  Climate Literacy in the Elementary Classroom  
    Metadata Description   This article provides five strategies for building the foundation for climate science literacy in the elementary grades.
    Author                 Susan M. Buhr
                           Mark S. McCaffrey
    Grade Level            Early Elementary
                           Elementary School
                           Grade 1
                           Grade 2
                           Grade 3
                           Grade 4
                           Grade 5
                           Upper Elementary
    Intended Audience      Educator
    Resource Format        text/html
    Resource Type          Nonfiction Reference
                           Reference Material
    Subject Keyword(s)     Climate Change
                           Climate Literacy
                           Climate Science
                           Content Knowledge
                           Essential Principles
                           Scientific Uncertainty
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