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Procedure for Temporarily Making NDR Read Only

This describes how to make a read only NDR for the purpose of making adjustments to the NDR repository that will become a permanent part of the NDR after the adjustments are verified.

Initial Setup

The initial setup is a Leader with 2 Followers. They will take on the following roles during the Temporary Read Only process.

Leader the Actual NDR
Follower 1 always follows Actual NDR
Follower 2 serves as read only backup of Actual NDR

Setup Read Only

  1. Stop Follower 2 from following.
  2. Point to Follower 2, so writes fail.

NOTE: This makes Follower 2 the Read Only NDR.

Update of Actual NDR

  1. Run update script against Leader (send api calls to the actual server - ex.

Return to Read/Write

  1. Validate that changes were successful, complete, and correct.
  2. If everything is OK, then point back to Leader.
  3. Leave Follower2 as read only for a week or 2 to continue to serve as a backup.
  4. Once confident that no problems have been introduced, allow Follower 2 to follow again.
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