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Under Construction
Proposed method for inclusion in NDR/API 2.0.

NDR API Implementation Details - getCollectionRecord

Create a collection for aggregating objects providing provenience that identifies the provider(s) of metadata and information stored as a part of this collection.


Input Discussions

  • first parameter (required) is handle to collection aggregator
  • possible second parameter: <annotations> ALL | MINE | NONE (default) </annotations>
    • Should annotations be included? This is pertinent since AppData was removed as a codified concept in lieu of storing AppData as an Annotation.

Output Discussions

  • Schema for NDR Collection is TBA
  • If annotations are returned, what is the response format?

What gets returned from where?

  • NDR_Collect metadata (from Collection Metadata object),
  • additional metadata associated with the Collection Aggregator,
  • annotations associated with the Collection Aggregator
  • annotations for each of the Metadata Provider objects associated with the Collection Aggregator.

Processing Discussions

General Discussions

How does this fit with the precedence set by the 1.0 API describe and get requests?



  • returns < descriptiveXML> which has elements
    • <properties> - list of subset of properties (transformed to simpler labels – ex. <createDate> instead of <fedora-view:createdDate>)
    • <relationships> - list of properties (except <createdDate>, <lastModifiedDate>, and <state>) and relationships to other objects
    • <data> - url to datastreams (ex. http://localhost:8080/repository/api/get/2200/20091229081004884T/format_nsdl_dc) and contents of datastreams under <metadata>

See examples of these for a metadata object…


Developer: TBA

Basic description of the process...

  • RI search for object with <Property>ObjectType:aggregator and <Property>Handle:handle which is passed in InputXML
  • if needed, RI search for annotations with <Property>ObjectType:annotation and <Relationship>self:annotates:handle which is passed in InputXML
  • construct Response
    • include NDR_Collection (format TBA)
    • if needed, include Annotations (format TBA)


Possibly use a faster index to retrieve info

  • TBD


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