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Under Construction
Proposed method for inclusion in NDR/API 2.0.

NDR API Implementation Details - deleteResource

Delete a resource registration from the NDR optionally cascading to metadata records and annotations.


Input Discussions

  • handle (resource) OR handle (metadata) OR identifier (metadata)

Discussions ongoing regarding passing of external identifier to any API requests.

Should there also be the following parameters...

  • purge=true|false(default)
  • cascade=true|false(default)

Output Discussions


  • handle (resource)


  • cascade=false and metadata records point to this resource
  • cascade=true, but permissions do not allow the deleting of one or more metadata records that point to this resource

Processing Discussions

General Discussions

Do we want to call this deleteResource? We’re not really deleting a resource. We’re deleting the registration of the resource. Also, how do deleteResource and deleteContent relate? Deleting content would effectively delete the registration of the resource represented by that content.

I would suggest...

  • Change deleteResource to deleteResourceRegistration -- I prefer this over unregister because unregister doesn’t imply that a delete of something is happening and we are actually deleting an object
  • addContent automatically registers it as a resource (this does not represent a change from our agreed proposal)
  • deleteContent should automatically unregister it as a resource (complete with cascades, so it should have a cascade parameter and a purge parameter)


Developer: TBA

Basic description of the process...

  • TBA


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