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NDR Collection XML


  • nsdl_app_data contains information so that a particular app has enough information in it to create the existence of a collection.
  • nsdl_app_data would act as an annotation
  • If a collection uses multiple methods to create itself (e.g. NCS and WFI), then an nsdl_app_data record exists for each ingest method so each MDP knows what it manages and they have different child element as described below.
  • Notice that BPPB-WFI says group with BPPB-NCS one. That means get the collection level info from the BPPB-NCS nsdl_collect record when displaying the BPPB-WFI in search.
  • The BPPB-NCS app data record has the OAI provider view app info and the BPPB-WFI does not. This means only the records from the BPPB-NCS should be shared at the public NSDL provider.
  • Each app record has only 1 or none at all repositoryIngestApps child elements. BPPB-NCS has the NCS one while BPPB-WFI has the WFI one.

NSDL Collection XML

  • nsdl_collect manages the NSDL collection-level information like title, URL, description, ingest method, pathway info, browse stuff, branding, rights, contacts.
  • nsdl_collect would act as annotation.
  • If a collection uses multiple methods to create itself (e.g. NCS and WFI), then an nsdl_collect record exists for each ingest method. These records could be exactly the same except for ingest element and the recodID. Or one, like the BPPB-WFI above, they could be different with one of the records having minimal data.

NSDL Annotation XML

  • nsdl_anno contain textual content, links or id numbers (think ASN) that need to be associated with something in the repository.
  • nsdl_anno would act as an annotation
  • The format includes star ratings, textual descriptions, educational standards, ordered bullets, user tags, reviews, url links and the contributor making the annotation.
  • The contributor has a share attribute to indicate whether the contributor's name should be displayed in user interfaces.
  • With this format, annotations can appear in the same record because when you give a star rating, you may also wish to provide some comments at the same time.


  • nsdl_list is content that is not associated to an existing thing in the repository.
  • It creates lists of IDs or URLs.
  • The lists can be ordered.
  • The lists must also be named.
  • The contributor of the list is also captured.
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