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NDR Terminology A-Z

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Generic Collection

A generic collection is a datastructure for collecting together objects within the NDR and providing provenience for those objects. The meaning of the particular grouping of objects is provided by the application that created the generic collection. Common meanings that an applications may place on a GCCO are Digital Library, Library Collection, NCS Application, NCS Collection, Annotations, My Favorites, and Metadata from a Source. Applications can use this construct for any grouping. For example, a curriculum model could have a GCCO that holds all Curriculum information with a child GCCO that holds all Unit information of a particular Curriculum, and for each Unit a child GCCO that holds all Sub Unit information for a particular Unit, and for each Sub Unit a child GCCO that holds all Key Concepts information for a particular Sub Unit.

A generic collection is implemented as a composite object in the NDR. The following base NDR objects make up a generic collection composite object:
  • Collection Aggregator -- All calls affecting this generic collection use the handle for this object to identify the generic collection.
  • Collection Metadata Provider -- This object, together with the relationship to the Agent, provide provenience.
  • Owner Agent -- The Agent must exist prior to creating a generic collection. A relationship is established between the Agent and the generic collection to identify the Agent as the owner who can grant privileges to other agents.
  • Collection Metadata
  • Collection Resource -- (optional) only created if resourceURL is provided

NOTE: See addCollection's NDR Object section for more information on how these objects get created.
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Library Collection

A Library Collection is a concept within the Digital Library community that is used to describe a set of resources and metadata about those resources that has been reviewed and accepted as high quality in compliance with standards set forth in a Collection Management Policy.

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NCS Collection

NCS is an application that is used to catalog metadata about resources. An NCS Collection is the term used to identify groupings of metadata about related resources. Common usage of NCS Collections:

NOTE: NCS may be used to manage multiple Digital Libraries
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