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NSDL Collection of Collections - Summary of Patterns of Children Collections


  • All patterns described here are for children of 2200/NSDL_Collection_of_Collections_Aggregator

Abbreviations and Terms

CAgg Collection Aggregator
CMDP Collection Metadata Provider
OAgent Owner Agent for Collection
CR Collection Record
M Metadata about the collection that is not part of the composite object
M-MDP Metadata Provider for Metadata (M)
Extra Parent any parent collections besides NSDL Collection of Collections
CMgmt NSDL Collection Management Metadata Provider
NSDL CR NSDL Collection Records Metadata Provider
ncs:CMF relationship ncs:collectionMetadataFor that identifies the real Collection Metadata Provider
EV Metadata Provider | Aggregator)

Summary of Patterns

Click pattern name to see details.

Pattern CAgg CMDP OAgent CR M M-MDP Extra Parent # Aggr Matching
NSDL Collection Records (NSDL CR) X ncs:CMF NCS X X NSDL CR 248
EV Blogs X EV EV X X EV EV 23
NSDL Collection Management (CMgmt) X X X X CMgmt 790
TOTAL 1061

Total # Aggregators: 1119
# Aggregators with Metadata: 1057
# Aggregators with Metadata AND ncs:status 245
# Aggregators ncs:status=NCSFinalStatus 122
# Aggregators ncs:status=Deaccessioned 108
# Aggregators ncs:status=Holding 3
# Aggregators ncs:status=New 2
# Aggregators ncs:status=Recommended 1
# Aggregators ncs:status=Declined 1
# Aggregators ncs:status=Unknown 9
# Aggregators with Metadata AND nsdl:state 821
# Aggregators nsdl:state=Active 821
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