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NSDL Accessioning Board (NAB) support details



Once NAB is established, collections will need to be reviewed through interface which needs to be created.

  • Within the newly created/currently reviewed Collection Policy, 'All collections are subject to review and approval by the NSDL Accessioning Board (NAB) prior to accessioning and deaccessioning.'
  • [| Solicitation and responsibilities of the NAB]
  • NAB interface discussion w/ LML, KG, KK, JO, JW (12/10/2009, Boulder)
    • NAB UI combo of wiki & DDS functionality
    • DDS w/ 3 formats (OAI, WFI, NCS). Collection & item level records. LDAP/permissions.
    • use wiki for discussion/comment when NAB reviews collections
  • NAB nominations accepted through February 5, 2010.
  • Pathways will vote on nominations on the Feb. 10th call.
  • NAB UI available in Feb (adding WFI functionality in March)
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