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The NCS Collection Activation Process is for activating NCS-created collections that want to be at If a collection does not want to be at, do not use this procedure, just do a simple register with the NDR (if the collection builder wants to use the NDR).

This activation procedure assumes that an NSDL Collection Record within the NSDL Collection Record collection has been created. Do the following for activation. This works even if there are already items within the NCS managed collection.

  1. Create the NSDL Collection Record (if not already done so)
  2. Click on the NDR handle for the NSDL Collection Record. This will take you to the 'handles' interface
  3. Click on the ncs:collectionMetadataFor handle - will open yellow box, within that find:
    • Copy down the MetadataProvider handle
    • Copy down the nsdl:aggregatedBy handle
  4. Click Settings, click the collection name and edit the collection configuration record of the NCS collection you're activating
    • Set the value of authority to ndr
    • Complete the ndrInfo information by copying in the respective handles from previous steps. Then click save. Could take awhile to save. You will most likely get a Proxy Error if there are more than 10 records in the collection. This is okay. The records are being associated with the correct metadata provider and aggregator in the NDR. It will probably take 1 second per record. So allow that amount of time to pass. Open a different browser to verify things went okay. Then you can click the back button in the browser you did the save in. Then click exit editor to leave the collection configuration.
  5. Do the following double check as a safeguard to verify that item record and the collection record are connected.
    • Go to the NDR Admin page
    • Click on the collection name and scroll DOWN
    • Click on the metadata provider. This should be the same value you just put into the collection configuration record. (scroll DOWN)
    • Do the same with the aggregator (in yellow box). (scroll DOWN)
    • Click on metadata records. Then click on an item in the list and verify that the NCS Record ID (highlighted in green and e.g. BPPB) is the expected NCS record ID. (scroll DOWN)
  6. Verify the collection is showing in the NSDL collections list at:
  7. Then wait for the items in the collection to index overnight. Check back the next day to ensure that items in the collection are showing. If not, then figure out what went wrong. Check handles first.
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