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Notes on deploying feedoragsearch in support of the NDR API2.0

fedoragsearch configuration

  • fedoragsearch.war has one modified class:
    • This class parses the transformed IndexDocument documents that are the result of the transformed fedora objects that gsearch uses as input. Changes were to allow for xml to be stored as complete structures in a gsearch field.
  • modifications to the basic transform that comes with gsearch: NDRFoxmlToLucene.xslt This is the transform that gsearch uses to process all fedora objects for indexing
  • modifications to the transform from lucene return result to the gsearch "ResultPage" Added a namespace ( so that jaxb could recognize the incoming result for processing in the api methods. This was a requirement of jaxb, and affected the generic browse & search forms that come with gsearch - updateing these so they continue to work would be nice.


  • Replacement .war file for fedoragsearch - just a customized .war file with the ndrsearch parameters built in.
  • CVS location is
    • This is an eclipse 'live web' project that can be exported as a .war file. Changes are documented in README
    • An explicit namespace (xmlns:gs="") has been added to the output transform gfindObjectsToResultPage.xslt. This was done due to jaxb's requirements for processing in the NDR api v2.0 efforts. It does affect some of the default transforms and processing for the utility UI that comes with gsearch.
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