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A Resource object is a surrogate for some unit of digital content available on the WWW. NCore Resources provide access to this content (through their Content datastream), and serve as container and an identity for making assertions about these resources in the NCore model. They may represent external WWW resources somewhere on the web (which is the most common case in the NSDL), or they may contain original content themselves. Currently, Resource objects cannot be "owned" by any single Agent. Any Agent may make assertions such as Metadata or Aggregator membership about any Resource.

Core Components

All components are optional unless indicated otherwise. Components from other namespaces or models are not represented here.


  • An Identifier required. Cardinality: 1. Identifiers may be one of the following:
    • hasResourceURL - Identifies the URL that this resource represents.
    • hasResourceOTHER - An identifier for a non-digital resource that cannot be accessed via a URL.



  • Content required. Cardinality: 1. Datastream that contains content of the resource.
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