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MetadadataProvider objects represent a particular "stream" or "source" of Metadata in the repository. They resemble Aggregators in that they define a grouping of objects, but carry additional semantics and restrictions because they may only contain Metadata objects, and any given Metadata object must be provided by exactly one MetadataProvider.

Core Components

All components are optional unless indicated otherwise. Components from other namespaces or models are not represented here.


  • setSpec (from OAI model) - indicates that this metadataprovider represents an OAI set.
  • setName (from OAI model) - indicates the human-readable name of the OAI set this Metadataprovider represents.
  • visibility - (From OAI model) Indicates the visibility of all this MetadataProvivder's members to OAI-PMH services.


  • aggregatedBy - Indicates an Aggregator that contains every Resource desribed by Metadata provided by this Metadataprovider.
  • authorizedToChange required (from Authorization model) - indicates the Agent(s) that can modify its components or membership.
  • metadataProviderFor required - Indicates the one Agent that is responsible for the Metadata provided by this MetadataProvider.


  • ServiceDescription required Contains simple authoritative metadata and branding info for this stream of Metadata</tt>
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